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Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2022 8:33 pm
The Church of God and the Word stands with the people of the Donbas, and their defenders the Russians. This region has always wanted to return to Russia, but Ukraine hasn't allowed it. This needn't be a controversial stance. Problem is, as usual, people are not being given the facts. So, here are a few to get things straightened out:

FACT - The people of the Donbas have been under attack from the Ukraine army for YEARS; being shelled almost daily.
FACT - There has been an attempted genocide of the Russian-Orthodox people of the area.
FACT - Putin spent eight years trying to peacefully resolve this situation, and only brought in the military the day before Ukraine had scheduled a major attack on the area.
FACT - Putin is a devout Christian; whilst Zelensky publicly broadcasts himself in bondage playing the piano with his genitals.
FACT - Putin has done everything in his power to protect innocent civilians, while the Ukrainian army has shot their own citizens for trying to flee certain areas.
FACT - The Ukrainian military force includes ISIS and literal Nazis.